Student Bisque + Glaze Firing Calculator



Product Features

You will find the ipad, printer, and a pair of scissors in the white box to the left of the measuring box. We keep it there to stay free from dust. If using the ipad, you’ll find it plugged in and it should always go back into the box connected to the charger.

Step 1) Place your work into the corner of the measuring box. You can stack greenware with care, using the largest measurements of the stack when you input.

Step 2) Input each dimension, the total Length, Width, and Height of the object or stack. (Note, there is a minimum height of 2″)

If you have more than one piece of the same size (ie: 8 mugs), you can fill in “8” under Number of Pieces and a receipt will print for every piece.

Step 3) Calculate each entry and add it to the Cart. Once you have input all your pieces, go to your Cart and begin the check out process. (Please note, there is a minimum charge of $1.00, so you might want to bring everything you’re measuring at one time to avoid an extra charge for small ware/one time check out). Once you enter your credit card, you can choose to save your card information for future purchases. (Note: your information will be protected and kept secure)

Step 4) The printer will print out a list of everything you entered. Cut each entry and place it into/onto your pieces. Walk each piece to the Members Firing Shelving and place on the appropriate shelf as was explained during Orientation.

Step 5) If you’re using the ipad, LOGOUT so the next person does not charge their work to your account. If you use your phone, you can remain logged in should you choose.

If you have questions, ask Min, Janine, or one of our studio techs, or another member.