Non Member Bisque/Glaze Firing Calculator



Product Features

How to use the Clay Space Firing Calculator and payment system:

  1. Visit our login page on our ipad, housed in the white box at the firing station, or on your phone or computer.
  2. You will be prompted to create an account. You will go to this account every time you have work to be fired.
  3. Measure your work by length, width, and height to determine the cubic inch size of every piece. If you are doing this in the studio, use the measuring box to measure each piece by placing it snugly into the corner of the box.
  4. You can “stack” several pieces of greenware to create one unit to measure (ie: a set of nesting bowls, small pieces inside larger pieces, 3 plates that fit well on top of one another). Do not stack glazeware unless you are not applying glaze to your pieces. Do not over stack in a way that could end up breaking your work or makes it cumbersome to load.
  5. Each measurement should be marked up to the nearest 1/2″. There is a 2″ minimum height and a $1.00 minimum charge, so bring a good amount of work to the table at one time. Also, check out your orders only once, after you have measured and added everything to your cart. The cart will be saved if you need to stop and go back at any time during the session or day.
  6. Mark the number of pieces you have with the same measurements. If you have multiples of the same thing and size, give a total of them so you don’t need to make an entry for every piece (ie: set of 8 mugs all 3″ x 3″ x 5″ can all go into the same entry when you put “8” in the number of pcs. box) The system will then calculate the cubic inches of every entry, multiply it by $.06 per cubic inch (per firing). Write a brief description in case the slip gets separated from your work and add each entry to the cart, then start again.
  7. Once you have finished measuring, you can check out. You will be asked to submit your credit card information and you can store this as your default payment if you choose. When you finish, the small receipt machine in the white box will print out a receipt with every piece you have measured. Multiples will print one for each piece. Use the scissors stored in the door of the box to cut the receipt into individual entries, then place each slip inside the piece that matches the measurements. Do not put the receipt strip on your work without cutting it up unless the pieces are small and can be grouped together, making it helpful to our staff to keep track of the slips. If a piece does not have a slip, we will not load it. We want to insure your work gets fired, so it’s important you separate your slips and place inside (or under if there is no “inside”) your work.
  8. Be sure, if you’ve used our ipad, to log out of your account so the next person doesn’t end up charging your account. A record will be sent to the email address you registered with.
  9. Walk your pieces back to the kiln loading area and place on the appropriate shelf as you’ve been shown. If you are unsure of where to place your work, please ask one of our staff to insure it goes into the right firing.